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write my paper for meEduwise is a professional school dedicated to helping students improve Chinese language ability. We are the pioneer in Singapore who has integrated the animation to Chinese creative writing and motivated the student to enjoy writing through colorful and interesting animation in order to make the students more confident in learning Chinese and improving their Chinese learning accordingly.

Our philosophy: Learn Happily and Use Wisely

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Listening, Speaking, Recognizing, Recalling, Reading, Writing, Understanding, and Thinking are the 8 main steps of language learning. In Eduwise, we are not only emphasizing the grade of examination, but also paying a lot of attention to the oral and writing abilities of students. We do believe that it is quite important for children’s competition in the future.

Our Unique Teaching Methods

  • Creative writing through animation

  • Simultaneous development for vocabularies and sentences

  • Simultaneous training for recognizing Chinese characters and story reading

  • Parental learning and guiding system

Our Mission: Help the students bring out their best language potential.

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  • Interest : Interest is what motivates the students to learn. In Eduwise, we motivate the students to learn language through abundant imagination and unique animation.

  • Confidence : We create a lot of chances to make students more confident. From children of kindergarten to students of junior high school, we give every child the chance to perform what they have learned in front of their classmates in order to makethem more confident in learning Chinese language. We let students know how to use Chinese language properly by a unique training of writing and reading.

  • Ability : A lot of parents hope their children to have a very good grade; however, we do believe that children’s ability will be their eternal assets. We improve children’s grade through cultivating children’s ability to use language properly.

  • Culture : The effective use of Chinese language is based on the comprehensive understanding of culture and history about it. We offer overall Chinese using environment and interesting activities of vacation culture enabling the students to enjoy experiencing the significance and essence of Chinese culture.


Our teachers

Students enjoy attending a class because they are fond of a certain teacher. In Eduwise, we believe that teachers are the most precious resources of our school. Our teachers are not only extremely professional about Chinese language teaching, but also well trained about the skills of interpersonal communication. They are getting more professional and friendly to ensure the students to enjoy learning Chinese language in a much more efficient way.

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